We've Changed Our Name

When we formed The Network of Bridal Professionals in July 2013; we quickly realised by the response that this was something the UK wedding industry had been crying out for. Through the comments made at the FOCUS meeting we held that same September, it was apparent that something more than just a networking group was wanted. As a result of this momentum and feedback the Network of Bridal Professionals has changed its name to National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP). We feel this far better reflects the purpose of the company and is more relevant to those that will be our members.

"NAWP has offered me the chance to network with suppliers and event planners and meet many people very quickly. Not only does the organisation offer advice to its members - which I have taken on more than one occasion - but they provide very stimulating speakers at their events. Being part of NAWP has provided me with the opportunity to meet and work with people and groups that are now part of my business relationships. This has been invaluable for my brand. I unreservedly recommend NAWP. "
John Nassari, John Nassari Photography

Article Posted: 09/02/2016