Welcome to Our New Website

National Association of Wedding Professionals was formed in November 2012 and officially launched in July 2013. Now, eighteen months down the line, we are preparing to launch membership.

We are truly thrilled at the support we have had from those in the wedding industry and know that the NAWP is going to be a great benefit to the UK wedding marketplace.

As the NAWP grows, our vision is that the logo becomes recognisable as a badge of discerning and ethical service, indicating to prospective clients that they will receive a superlative service.

For those of us who have been in the industry for some years; we have seen many suppliers come and go, plenty stay and experienced a variety of standards of service. We are all in this business knowing that we are contributing to a very important and expensive day of two peoples' lives; we have to be committed, empathetic and uncompromising in the standard of service we deliver.

National Association of Wedding Professionals was borne out of us identifying the need to somehow create a platform where we can meet to exchange ideas, support one another, meet new suppliers and try to establish a network that is synonymous with the most professional of wedding suppliers. By nature of the industry, it is awash with us 'entrepreneurs' and business owners and it can be a solitary experience. We feel that the NAWP will be useful and welcome tool to those of us who are committed to delivering impeccable service to our valuable clients.

The new site introduces us, has information on our networking events and bridal academy and keeps you abreast of the developments. Once membership is launched in Spring 2015, there will be a specific, password protected members’ area within this site as well as a list of all our members and rolling features on them.

Thank you for your support.

Siobhan, Lester and Amanda.

"For us, the NAWP provides reassurance to our discerning planning clients of our professionalism and integrity within an otherwise completely unregulated industry that can present a minefield for couples. Being a member of the NAWP not only shows our own commitment to being seen as a trusted professional in our field but also shows our commitment to promoting the same expectation of Professionalism and Integrity from the suppliers we engage with. Being part of the NAWP provides us with credibility when dealing with, not just clients, but with other professionals including press requests. The NAWP work hard in the background to promote not only industry membership, but more importantly, what it means to a couple when they select a NAWP member as their preferred supplier."
Dom Harness, R and F Weddings

Article Posted: 28/08/2014