How event technology is helping the events industry

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How Event Technology is helping the Events Industry
Utilising technology has become an integral part of strategic event management, given their proven ability to bring in substantial benefits. By embracing technology, venues, planners, caterers, vendors and their clients can benefit significantly from operational efficiency, time savings, higher attendee satisfaction, better exposure and company image, and save their events from preventable slip-ups.

Here are a few key ways innovative digital tools are helping the events industry.

Operational Efficiency

We can almost call it effortless to plan an event online. In fact, planning an event online using digital planning tools provides operational efficiency, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. Digital planning tools can support a wide-range of tasks from every-thing registration-related to managing RSVPs and guest lists, seating charts, designing floorplans and timelines, and facilitating the on-site check-in process. It can eliminate the stress of managing VIP experiences, like coordinating arrivals, ticketing, logistics, special event attendance sign-up, tracking, and more. You can easily keep track of details by generating useful reports, which can be filtered to meet many event planning needs.

With intuitive tools that are easy to understand and implement, planning is now not only organised but easy to do all in one designated place, accessible 24/7 across multiple devices, from anywhere in the world.


Virtual collaboration provides clients and event partners with detailed information that is updated in real-time. You can efficiently work with clients from anywhere in the world, saving prospects the time and stress of setting up an in-person walkthrough. For example, you can collaborate over the event details, the flow of set up and break down, floor-plan layouts, seating arrangements, and much more, with the ability to do virtual walkthroughs. This is especially valuable for tapping into the destination event market.

Improved Accuracy 

Event tech allows you to remove the uncertainty that often surrounds the aspects of event planning human error. For example, digital floorplan tools make it easier and more efficient to customise details and place tables and other furniture, designed to-scale directly into the layout. The ability to arrange the layout to-scale in advance and visualise it while working collaboratively on the event digitally with a vendor team helps to improve the accuracy required for the day of set up. Having the digital tools and to-scale design options in advance of the event alleviates the problems that used to arise on the day of an event.

Enhanced Visualisation 

Everyone wants a seamless event set up and execution, and with enhanced visualisation through 3D floorplan viewing options, you are equipped to design your floorplan layout accurately, leaving less room for error on the day of the event. 3D viewing and virtual reality capabilities can provide enhanced visualisation of the floorplan and seating arrangements. In addition to utilising 2D and 3D floorplan viewing options while creating the floorplan and table seating chart, virtual reality allows you to immerse yourself in the floorplan and tour your future event layout. Virtual tours using special Virtual Reality goggles allow planners to preview their tables and furniture, and even view a custom set-up in virtual reality to achieve photo-realistic immersion into the venue, months before their event takes place.

Eliminate Onsite Inspections 

When a venue is able to showcase their event space virtually, they are opening up their market to new heights. With the help of event technology like virtual reality, anyone can be virtually transported to a venue to walk through an event space and see how particular floorplans, staging and decor options look – eliminating the time and money needed for multiple site visits and travel and helping to simplify and speed up the planning process. Walkthroughs and site inspections can now be done from anywhere in the world. Decisions can be made on the post to book the event without having to actually be at the venue in order to make the decision.

Innovative Appearance 

Technology helps to create a more professional appearance for your business and a way for you to stand out from the competition. Businesses that operate using digital tools will not only give clients the impression of being forward-thinking and innovative, but can also give the appearance of being a larger business operating with more staff and support. It’s simply not enough anymore to ‘recognise’ the role technology could play in streamlining business operations and running at maximum efficiency with the least resources - clients expect to see it for an unmatched planning experience!  

Rest assured, that the future of online event planning is only going to continue growing. Digital tools and platforms are taking over, so now is a critical time for all vendors and businesses to get on board, rather than shy away from the adjustment.

Article Posted: 28/02/2020