UK Weddings Taskforce

The industry appointed, government-supported UK Weddings Taskforce has formed as a result of the wedding sector uniting to speak as one voice.

This week, the UK Weddings Taskforce met with government to ask for vital support for our sector. Prohibited from trading in a commercially viable form due to the restrictions since March 2020, they asked for:

- a sector specific support grant of £680m available to all wedding businesses

- access to support available to closely related sectors (such as hospitality) including the 5% VAT temporary reduction

- extension and adaptation of existing support programs

- measures to protect deposits

- a roadmap for the gradual, safe reopening of our sector to 50+ guest numbers from Easter weekend

The Minister for Small Business, Paul Scully MP, agreed to submit their grant request to the Chancellor and work with the Taskforce on a number of measures, including a plan for re-opening our sector.

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Article Posted: 21/01/2021