Spring Event at Boulestin

Our (early) Spring Members’ Networking event was held last week at Boulestin. Held in the restaurant’s private room, members enjoyed Boulestin’s superlative canapés while hearing an update on NAWP news and developments from Lester. We had asked Neil De Villiers from The Wedding Calendar to give a short introduction about his product so that members could see him afterwards to find out more. Neil contacted us a couple of months ago to introduce us to The Wedding Calendar and we thought it was a valuable tool to showcase to our members. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this.

Hazel Parsons was our guest speaker, educating us all on how to network effectively. This also gave us the opportunity to introduce Hazel as the new member of the NAWP team. We are thrilled to have her on board. Liz Inigo-Jones from Blue Sky Flowers decorated Boulestin, and Kevin Scott-Wood is the man behind the images of this event. With thanks to all who contributed and we look forward to seeing our Members at our Summer event in May.

Article Posted: 07/03/2016