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Spotlight On.… Floral Designers 

Posted 12/08/2016

The wedding industry is made up of a cacophony of creatives, and not least among them, are the floral designers. These are the people who really contribute to putting the ‘wow factor’ into your day. Their artistry is to behold and the exciting...

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The True Cost of Wedding Flowers

Posted 20/06/2016

This is a headline that I’d like to see splashed across the pages of a newspaper! It is a subject that I don’t believe is addressed enough in the wedding industry, and one that can and does lead to a huge amount of frustration and misunderstanding,...

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Wedding Stationery Etiquette

Posted 16/05/2016

One of the things I have found over my years of designing, creating, and printing wedding stationery is that a lot of my clients are unsure of the ‘correct’ way to word their wedding invitations. My usual answer is that there is no longer...

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