"NAWP is an organization that has been needed in the wedding industry for a long time. It combines the best of everything you could want from an organisation.

First, members of NAWP are incredibly supportive of one another. Since joining, I have always felt that the people of NAWP want to see each other succeed and are willing to help each other in any way possible.

Second, the caliber of members means that there is always a mentor available. Because many of us work on our own, this is invaluable.

Third, the events that are put on are often really fun. From networking cocktails to weekends away, there are often opportunities to get to know others in the wedding industry better which makes working more fun and less lonely.

Finally, the accreditation system means that members are held to a high standard. From checking insurance documents to getting referrals, NAWP takes integrity and good business practices seriously which means that brides and grooms benefit from their diligence and suppliers' membership. "
Meghan Fay, Design in Scent

Article Posted: 01/01/1970