Spotlight On....Speciality Services

Speciality Services covers a number of vendors who all contribute something extra to your wedding day. This month we shine the spotlight on three of our Professional Members who fall into this category - a Celebrant, a Jeweller and a Childcare service.


You’ve found “The One”!  You’ve booked the venue, the DJ and the photographer. The invites are in the post, the cake is in the oven.  You have the dress, the shoes and the flowers are to die for.  Sadly the actual ceremony itself has been overlooked!  The “I Do's”.  The most important words that you will say to the most special person in the world, on one of the biggest days of your lives haven’t been given a thought...  Don’t you think you should?

For many people – the ceremony is way down the list of priorities (eek says this Celebrant!). By now you have read the word ‘Celebrant’ and may have done a double take.  A What?

Put simply, a Celebrant is someone who officiates your wedding ceremony in a location of your choice- whether it is a licensed venue or not.  You’ve seen all the lovely blogs about ceremonies in private gardens, beach weddings, festival weddings, woodland weddings, tipi, yurt or marquee weddings – well I can pretty much assure you that if those fun and awe-inspiring ceremonies took place in England and Wales – they have all been conducted by a Celebrant! It is no surprise then, that more and more couples fulfil the simple ‘no fuss’ legal obligation at a Register Office which takes about 10 minutes, and then have their ceremony including the exchange of personal vows and rings, at a completely different time and place?

Why Use a Celebrant?

  • Flexibility - incorporate content, music, blend cultural traditions and include beliefs of your choice….with no restrictions. 
  • Location – you might be looking at a venue that isn’t licensed.
  • Time & Availability - you aren’t restricted to a time slot within stated hours.
  • Style – your ceremony should reflect your personality and style. Every love story is unique – yours should be told.
  • Include others - make your guests an active part of your day and make it memorable for everyone.  How about a Pebble Ceremony, a guest promise, a sing-a-long, a ring blessing, a ribbon ceremony?  There are plenty to choose from and your Celebrant will be able to give you some ideas.

Justine Wykerd is an international award-winning celebrant based in Warwickshire and the Wedding Industry Awards West Midlands Celebrant of the Year 2018.


As a personal jeweller, I have had the privilege of working with people across different walks of life and I always strive to have a personal connection with each and every one of my clients.

Ricky, the groom featured in the photo, is a Physiotherapist whose services I used following a sport-related injury. After a number of appointments, the odd game of golf, I was very pleased to be asked to create an engagement ring for his fiancé. The bride-to-be was absolutely thrilled with the engagement ring, and to my delight, I was commissioned to create the wedding rings. I know just how special wedding days are and I always appreciate the pleasure of being part of someone’s big day.

Ricky then approached me again, this time asking me to create bangle for his now wife. The bangle was inspired by Cartier’s ‘Love Bangle’. The Christmas gift was well-received - as you can imagine!

The next time I heard from Ricky it wasn’t good news. Unfortunately, the couple had been burgled and a much-loved timepiece of Ricky’s had been stolen. I wanted to support Ricky as much as I could and was able to supply a valuation for the watch. As soon as the insurance money was settled I was able to find the watch he desired. This time, choosing a Rolex Submariner (as pictured).

I have had the pleasure of joining Ricky on his journey, experiencing both the good times and the bad, BUT ALL with happy endings.

Every ring, watch, or bangle is more than just a sale to me. These personal items require a very personal service. Making relationships along the way sometimes turning into friendships. So, if you are looking for bling or if timekeeping is your thing, give Steven Charles Quance a ring.


Award-winning specialist in luxury bespoke wedding childcare, Safe & Sound Event Childcare, offer a unique and unrivalled service when it comes to caring for the little guests on your special day. We offer tailor-made childcare services for the individual requirements of the bride and groom to make sure all the little guests have as much fun as the grown-ups! This includes not only playtime but bath time, dressing and bedtime too, and to keep them entertained we offer a host of indoor and outdoor activities for children of all ages.We pride ourselves on our exceptional and personal service and talk to every guest that will be attending the wedding with children to ensure we have every detail for each little guest. 

Our qualified team are all handpicked and each has a wealth of childcare experience, this ensures we have a fantastic skill set to offer our clients, along with a range of qualifications including enhanced CRB/DBS certificates. Our rigorous recruitment process adheres to Ofsted regulations. 

Our greatest pleasure about what we do is the enjoyment of the children from the minute they arrive to the minute they leave… the biggest compliment is the children don’t want us to go… and neither do the parents…

It’s one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make when planning a wedding – to invite children or not? However, there is no right or wrong answer. Some friends will be delighted to leave their precious little ones at home, while others may be somewhat less than enthused. 

If children are on the guest list, here are some little tips that are often forgotten… 

  • Ensure there’s space for the children to play
  • Seating - Often overlooked - Consider the ages and suitability of the highchairs and chairs.
  • Cutlery -  Adult cutlery looks great for the photos but may not be practical - Providing children’s cutlery is a must (it can always be swapped with adult cutlery after the pics have been taken)
  • Feeding the little ones -  Chicken goujons and chips so outdated, consider working with Chef to create a unique mini menu for the little ones 
  • The fun stuff – check the toys and games are well maintained and suitable for the age ranges, and ultimately would the little ones would want to play with them! 
  • Or why not a hire a wedding nanny to keep them entertained throughout the day and let them do all the organising for you?  Hiring a crèche or nanny for your wedding day can be a real saviour – children get to be part of the day, while mum and dad get to drink their wine and eat their cake child-free, and one more thing crossed off you to do list!

Article Posted: 31/01/2018