Spotlight On...Props, Production and Design

It's rare to find a wedding nowadays that doesn’t include vendors from this category. As weddings have become more personalised and imaginative, so this sector of the industry has flourished.

It’s an exciting and imaginative part of the planning and encompasses the design of your day, the finishing touches, lighting, furniture, sound and ‘props’ to include everything from a dancefloor to charger plates!

This month, we are delighted to place the ‘Spotlight on’ our Professional Members in this category.



Turning the everyday into the extraordinary.

Planned 2 Perfection is a leading London based events company providing production, entertainment and event management for corporate and private events. We have been bringing ideas to life and creating spectacular events for over 15 years. Whether it is subtle and understated or extravagant and ostentatious – the look and feel of your event are so important. Expect stunning decoration, innovative lighting, state-of-the-art AV and exquisite finishing touches that inspire and transform.

We were very proud to provide entertainment, design and production for a very special birthday party at the Grosvenor House in November.  Over the last 10 years, we have produced 2 weddings and 3 birthday parties for this family and this one had to be bigger and better!

With a brief to create a sophisticated and stylish setting for dinner and then transform the space for a surprise performance by Take That we were really in our element. We designed the décor and technical production and stage-managed the whole event to ensure that everything looked amazing and ran seamlessly on the night.

You can see a short video here:


Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design

A perfect stage for celebrating the new and showcasing a couple’s style is their wedding day, and the design is integral to this. Oftentimes, a couple will know that they want to create a feeling, they want to have a day that is ‘relaxed’ or ‘elegant’, but translating that into flowers can be challenging. So, how do you design your wedding?

In business, the branding is designed with careful consideration of what and who the company is, and this is reinforced through the company marketing strategy. Similarly, wedding themes will reflect the couple, being present in both the lead-up – save the date/ invitation cards – as well as the day itself. Main contributors to this design process are cultural and social preferences, as well as wedding venue(s), the time of year, personal interests and, of course, budget.

When you come to the flowers, the design is everything. It is a way to continue and/ or change a theme – going from the ceremony to the reception may mean two different installations while offering a chance to show the individuals in the relationship, for example a creative may be willing to push some boundaries whereas a traditionalist may want to stick with what’s accepted so designing a middle ground is an exciting way to incorporate both people. Working with a floral designer to help you find the right flowers and realise your vision is an easy way to make your special day stand out. As this is often the first official expression of both people, it is also an important artistic milestone.

Flowers and plants focus the eye and, while some weddings will include flowers and plants to help make guests feel welcome and relaxed, others want to stage an experience with the floral décor - like a piece of music with cadences and crescendos, beginning and ending with a main ‘Wow’ moment.

Whatever your drive, it is important to be aware of the impact of the flowers. Pairing a traditional venue with new designs, colours, shapes and sizes – breathing new life into the space – can showcase an artistic couple who enjoys playing with the modern and traditional. Rustic flowers used in a highly modern environment, by creating a sense of contrast, emphasizes the sense of modernity whilst simultaneously softening the mood of the room.

As flowers and natural materials are incredibly versatile, they can be used to whatever end is desired. The trick, however, is to make sure they are being used to best effect. From fresh or silk flowers, sculptures made from driftwood or other such materials to the types of flowers used - be it wild, field type flowers or rich sultry blooms - the style of the floral décor makes a huge statement about a couple and the type of day they are sharing with you.

Article Posted: 28/02/2018