An Interview with Anita Brown

A few weeks ago, Siobhan came across Anita Brown and her business. They had an interesting chat, and her interest was piqued. We think this is a wonderful and useful tool for many Wedding industry vendors. So we at the NAWP thought Anita warranted an interview where she could enlighten you all!

1. What is your business?

I provide a 3D Visualisation service to Designers, primarily Interior Designers, Wedding Planners and Event Designers. My role is to create visually captivating photo-real images, using cutting edge 3D software, to help Creative professionals secure commissions/win pitches, accurately communicate their design concepts and fully engage with their clients.

2. What are the benefits of 3D Visualisation for Wedding Planners?

3D Visualisation allows Wedding Planners to provide a high level of reassurance to their clients, by eliminating miscommunication, as the client is able to view the designs exactly as intended by the Wedding Planner. One of the biggest benefits of 3D Visualisation, which sets it apart from any other communication method (mood boards etc.), is that I’m able to present the Wedding Planner’s designs within the context of the venue. This provides the Wedding Planner’s client with a highly realistic and thorough understanding of the overall design. That’s pretty awesome! This is particularly useful for a marquee or a destination wedding, where it’s impossible, for a client to truly understand the Wedding Planner’s vision prior to the big day.

Other benefits include reducing the margin of error and more importantly minimising costly mistakes, as the Wedding Planner (and his/her client), are able to make revisions to the design scheme, if necessary, before it has been implemented.

3D Visualisation also provides the opportunity for Wedding Planners new to the industry, to enhance their portfolio, by illustrating the full range of their creative ability.

It’s interesting to note that 82% of UK Wedding Planners I surveyed, confirmed that their biggest challenge was accurate depiction of their design concepts and within the context of the space, while 100% of my clients have confirmed through customer feedback, that the biggest benefit of 3D Visualisation, was the accurate communication of their designs to clients!

3. What does ‘photo-real’ mean and what information do you need from the Wedding Planner to create a photo-real image?

I use cutting edge 3D software to construct a bespoke 3D model of the Wedding Planner’s exacting requirements (including the interior of the venue) and transform it into an image that resembles a photograph – it is so realistic, that you can imagine standing in the space. I have it on good authority, that clients have become very emotional, upon viewing the final photo-real image, when presented by the Wedding Planner!

My mission is to make 3D Visualisation accessible to a wide range of Creative disciplines, including the Wedding Planning industry, therefore I’ve ensured that the process of creating the photo-real 3D visual, is as seamless and straightforward as possible. I require a very basic floor plan/furniture layout of the design. The floor plan doesn’t need to be to scale, and annotated box diagrams will suffice for the furniture layout. Dimensions of the internal space is preferable, as I use real world dimensions when constructing the 3D model (to make sure that scale and proportion is accurate). Reference images of the interior of the venue are also required, to ensure that I can replicate it as closely as possible. I also ask for inspiration images of floral arrangements/table decor etc., to make sure that I fully understand the Wedding Planner’s vision. I pay great attention to detail – it means that the final photo-real image is highly accurate and provides an amazing ‘wow factor’. Website links for furniture/product selections are essential, as dimensions are usually included in the product descriptions.

My clients use email to provide the necessary information and/or Dropbox if there are lots of images to be forwarded. Interestingly, most of my clients are located in UK Mainland (I’m based in Belfast, Northern Ireland) and I’ve never met any of them in person! This is a great testament to the digital age!

All of my clients are presented with a draft photo-real image for approval, to allow for revisions, before the final image is presented. Most photo-real images can be produced in 4 working days from date of commencement of the commission (assuming there have been no major revisions).

4. How can we find out more about your 3D Visualisation service?

You can find out more about me and my service by visiting my website at or drop me a line at, where you can also request a free estimate or one of my information packs. I’m always happy to chat about how I can enhance the design service a Wedding Planner offers, feel free to give me a call on 07712466093.


Article Posted: 12/05/2016