Professional Members' Business Ambitions Meeting.

In March we hosted our second Professional Members' Business Ambitions meeting. 
NAWP Business Ambitions was devised specifically for our Professional Members. It’s a subject-based forum where members can pose their questions openly and confidentially. 
The Caledonian Club hosted us and Madeliene Jones - Making your business shine was the speaker.

Here are the comments from some of our members who attended:

It was a lovely afternoon!
Want to echo all sentiments to all, it has been expressed very well. 
Just so pleased to have discovered the NAWP!

It really was a great afternoon, and so good to be learning in such a lovely atmosphere.
Thank you Maddie for sharing your knowledge so effectively, Lyndsey for the gracious surroundings and hospitality, Siobhan and Lester for your unfailing support, and to all my fellow members. It's wonderful being part of something as special as the NAWP!

To Siobhan and Lester, thank you for organising a lovely afternoon of learning, chatting and as always making me feel welcome. 
Madeleine you’re a star and I’ve left a seat available by my desk……….. 
Thank you Lyndsey for hosting. 
A final thank you goes to you all.
I only became a member of the NAWP last November and having missed the evening at Morton’s, this was my first outing - I left feeling daunted, educated and happy.
It feels so good to be part of an understanding and sharing family. I look forward to my second outing.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you again to Maddie for her amazing and educational presentation and thank you to NAWP for organising. 
It was such a lovely opportunity to meet everyone and talk all things weddings.

Thanks so much for your kind email, I agree a really informative session and I loved the pace!!! Well done Madeliene!
Really great to meet you all and I hope to have the pleasure again soon

Yesterday was great and really insightful. Food for thought indeed.

Article Posted: 12/04/2017