Why hire a Wedding Planner? A discussion.

Adam Sapic from the Wedding Insurance Group, in conjunction with professional wedding planner, Vanessa Harness from Rocks and Frocks Ltd, teamed up to discuss why hiring a wedding planner is so crucial for the majority of weddings.

After seeing a shocking headline where a bride was dumped by her fiancé after missing her own wedding due to a series of avoidable mishaps, they decided to explore the value that a wedding planner can bring to the big day. The discussion details real-life examples of how planners have provided quick solutions to a range of unpredictable challenges and discuss the risks unmanaged weddings may face.

Adam said, “It was such a shame to hear of that poor bride’s wedding day. It’s an extreme example of how things can go wrong; however, I reached out to Vanessa to ask about her experiences and how she dealt with challenges that are more likely to occur. A lot of couples understandably choose to plan most of their wedding. On the day itself, they will be too busy to coordinate and allocating that responsibility to family or friends is risky due to their probable lack of experience. This is why Vanessa and I felt it was important to highlight why a hiring a planner is a good investment.”


Article Posted: 14/02/2018