Spotlight On....Photographers


This is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions in planning a wedding. This is the person entrusted to capture all the important people, moments and details from your big day. 

The UK photography market is full of talent and imagination, and this is what also makes it one of the most exciting decisions. These people are artists using a lens rather than a brush; they see, capture and create. 

As well as the variety of styles of photography, there is also a widening choice of ‘finished products’ from albums to discs to ‘artwork’.

We are delighted to have some of the UK’s finest talent as our members and are thrilled to place them in the spotlight this month.

STUART WOOD - Professional Member

Apart from his highly acclaimed wedding photography, Stuart is also a successful people and portrait photographer for national magazines and television and has years of experience working for clients such as Grazia, the BBC, ITV and the Radio Times, for whom he has photographed various covers.

Bringing the skills that he has developed working at the very highest level of the industry to his wedding photography and his innate ability to connect with people, which often means working very quickly and under extreme pressure, he has brought his own style of beautifully lit and elegantly composed images that always captures the real emotions of the wedding day.

MAYA KEMP - Associate member

If you ask me to describe my photography style I would say that you can’t put me in a box. I am unconventional, yet traditional. I am in love with the wildness of raw, passionate love and at the same time, I am enchanted by the beauty and elegance of fine art.

I relish in the opportunity to add my creative touch to your day, whether it’s a couple’s portrait or a group portrait or something else. For me, there are no rules to creativity.

I have photographed so many different types of weddings –  traditional church weddings, civil ceremonies, barn weddings, outdoor weddings, humanist ceremonies, grand halls and even a Jewish wedding. Every single one is different and my approach to each one is personal and custom made.


Article Posted: 19/07/2019