Spotlight On....Florists

The wedding industry is made up of a cacophony of creatives, and not least amongst them, are the floral designers.

These are the people who really contribute to putting the ‘wow factor’ into your day. Their artistry is to behold and the exciting potential of just what can be created with flowers makes this such a fun element of the planning process.

We are also hugely lucky to have such an array of blossoms available to us here in the UK, and ones that change with each season. Embrace it and make it an integral and stunning part of your wedding décor!

We are delighted to have some of the UK’s finest floral talent as our members and are thrilled to place the spotlight on them this August.

The Velvet Daisy

London and West Country floral designer Helen Edwards heads up The Velvet Daisy. Helen's design style reflects an English garden, an herbaceous border. There is always a natural, relaxed and elegant abundance in her designs.

Floral design and creation for:

·         Weddings Corporate and private events

·         House parties and celebrations

·         Corporate and private events

·         Photoshoots

·         Workshops

t: 0779 069 2221


Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design

Elizabeth and her team follow a 5 point culture:

Excellence: the word STUNNING should be able to be applied to every creation that leaves Elizabeth’s studio.

Creativity: to make it a way of life for both the staff and the customer.

Relevance: arrangements are always integral to the customer’s surroundings, inc lasting, colour, shape and size.

Fun: each day should be filled with fun, hard work, learning, and inspiration.

Growth: to grow as people through our interactions in a creative environment.

With 22 years’ experience, Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design’s philosophy is to inspire people and to touch their souls through our inspiration and creative designs and in doing so become an icon in the world of floral design.

By listening to our clients and communicating honestly with them, by acknowledging the problems inherent in each case, we aim to achieve a design for each and every customer that will inspire them and their customers. We will do this through genuine creativity and our extensive knowledge of current trends.

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design

Twitter: @ElizabethMarsh3/@ElizabethAMarsh

Article Posted: 15/08/2019