How to make a confident and memorable wedding speech by Graham Le-Gall

This self-help guide is written by our Professional member, Graham Le-Gall of Galleou Public Speaking.

Struggling to think of content for your wedding speech? Nervous about public speaking? Worried that your jokes aren't funny? Uncertain about what you should or shouldn't say?

Fear no more!

Graham has produced a 'novel' way of communicating practical and easy to follow guidelines for developing a good public speaking manner and writing the perfect speech. The guide is instantly engaging as it is told through the eyes of the Groom-to-be and cleverly peppered with podcasts from Graham's alter-ego, Reg, to reinforce the important points. Public speaking of any nature is daunting, but somehow moreover when there is an emotional connection, hence why wedding speeches are renowned for being a bugbear. Graham's guide will help to quell the most profound of nerves and produce some excellent wedding speeches to be enjoyed by many in the years to come!

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Article Posted: 21/01/2021